It’s been exactly 6 months (yeah, that’s how I go around keeping dates in my head) since I kissed anyone and I’m excited about it. It’s not like I’m a “kissmaniac” who goes around kissing every tom, dick and harry, I’m just excited because it’s a sign of my faithfulness (which was seriously in doubt already) and my moderate level of self-control also.

In the real sense, it should be my sexual purity-versary (whew what a word!), but it isn’t. Sexual impurity isn’t about practising the act, it starts from our thoughts. Sexual sin starts from the mind (Matt 5:27-28). I wouldn’t say my thoughts have been pure all this while, they haven’t. I’ve had my thoughts wander far off, and sometimes, I don’t even put a leash, I just allow my thoughts roam. Now, that isn’t sexual purity. Proverbs 4 tells us to guard our hearts because God understands how powerful our thoughts are and how they shape our actions eventually.

I came across an article written by Luke Gilkerson, titled The Apostle Paul: His Secret to Fighting Sexual Sin and I think it contains practical steps to attaining sexual purity. I also found another useful article on blogsbychristianwomen written by Myss Lafunky.

Here’s me hoping my next anniversary will be my sexual purity-versary. A girl can never overhope!




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