The last time I talked about people who pretend to help but actually do not know how to or do not quite understand what your course is about and what you studied. This people think they are
helping but oh my goodness it can be so annoying (seems like everything annoys me *eyes rolling* I know). I studied Food Science and Technology and although your course may not necessarily define or determine where you work, it will still feel good for people to know what it is about before jumping to conclusions.

There was a time someone took a look at my CV, said the usual you will like food o *yawns* and he said I know someone who manages an eatery I will talk to her. My jaw just dropped, did this man think I spent 5 years in school learning how to cook rice and beans and how to fry puff puff. I know he meant well but it is still insulting. If he was suggesting a managerial or supervisory role I wouldn’t even mind as much.  Another example is when I saw a job vacancy on a blog and the person was looking to hire a caterer. The educational qualifications stated that the person should be a graduate of food science and technology, I was like say whaaaaaatttttt? Now I have nothing against caterers, I even admire people who love to cook and can do it excellently but being a food scientist doesn’t make you a caterer. Although there are caterers that studied food science and technology but it’s not because they studied FST, just like there are accountants, engineers and lawyers who are now caterers. Also during NYSC the school wanted me to teach home economics, I rejected it immediately because I do not know anything  about clothing & textiles and those other aspects of home economics .

 This is not unique to FST alone; there are so many misunderstood courses.  I heard someone making jest of those studying transport management saying they will work as agbero (touts)  for NURTW *LOL* so I guess it could be worse and so I shouldn’t complain too much since this people mean well, I appreciate the effort.


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