I am going to go out of my way today and talk about our African Mothers both potential and current. Kudos to mothers that stick with their children through the storm and come out of it golden. And those that are still in the storm, the lord is your strength. Saying thank you is not enough, because we are what we are today because of your ever dripping sweat and always excruciating pain and yet smile at us to say everything is alright.
That is why I am not surprised when a guy asks his girlfriend “what’s wrong dear?” And she replies “nothing, I’m fine”. It’s not just because she wants you to find out yourself but also because she is an African Mother (potential).

So, I am going to share a story from FIN (Female In Nigeria) on facebook.
“Darling sisters, see me o! It’s this sperm donor that called me after 19years of struggling to train my two children o. He said he wants to speak to them , can you imagine? What do these men take us for? He did not contribute a dime to their upkeep. I lost my job eleven years ago, I called him, told him I’ve lost my job that he should support the children since I was the only one all this while, he didn’t bulge. Now he sees a handsome and a beauty, he wants to take charge. I told him not to call my line again or else…. Told my children about his call, they said mum, what’s your stress? Forget him, and make sure you don’t give him our numbers. If he decides to come, then, he won’t forget us in a hurry.”

And there are sadly many more stories of such things happening. These women have gone through hell during child birth, must we then add more suffering to their life after birth? What most men don’t get is, to get to the children, you must first love their mother. No one eats an apple without first plucking it from the tree.

I don’t know what the future holds for me as a man, a husband and a father but I sure hope to be the best version of all these roles and so should every man. Once again Kudos to every African Mother.


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