It’s annoying that men think they have the monopoly of sex. Does that make any sense? Scratch that. It’s funny how men think they are the ones that have the upper hand every time sex happens. 

“That babe? I don knack am.” Okay, Mr. Male Hoe.

“The best wedding gift a woman can give her husband is her virginity.” I think this is one of the most silly sentences I’ve ever heard. Absolutely silly. It’s sentences like this that make men think that a woman sleeping with them means she’s giving something or rather losing something. No sir, I’m ovulating and quite horny. Nothing more sir.

If you as a guy have a one night stand with a lady and you proceed to call her cheap, easy and all manner of sorts, then you’re just plain stupid. Why is she cheap and you’re not? Who made the rules different for the different genders?

“When a woman has sex, it involves her emotions. A woman cannot have casual sex.” When are these men going to stop believing nonsense like this?

I’m tired of the society defining the value of a woman based on what she does in the bedroom, it’s stupid and archaic. It’s just an agenda to support the already crumbling pillars of patriarchy.


Slut – A woman who has many casual sex partners.

What is the male version of a slut? You guessed right, it doesn’t exist. So a man is allowed to have ‘many casual sex partners’, because, well that’s just the way the world works. That’s utter bs.

The only time I have an issue with this sex thing is when a woman gives it to a man with the hope of getting love in return and when she doesn’t get it, she starts saying she was used. That’s childish, grow up.  Also, I don’t support a woman sleeping with a man just because he cast as much as a glance at her and not exactly because she wants it.

Sex outside marriage is a sin already, so if you’re doing it, can you at least do it properly? Can you at least have fun and ensure you get orgasms from these spawns of the devil? That way, when you’re burning in hell, at least you’ll have good memories to reminisce about.



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