Hi! I stumbled upon some post online, the writer wrote it without using the first vowel. I experienced different emotions including surprise and wonderment, I’ve not pictured the possibility of writing without using the entire vowel. I tried to decipher how he did it, I figured it could only be through drills coupled with repetition.

I strongly dislike the school of thought which suggests one person should keep compromising every time in symbiotic friendships. Why should one person keep suppressing his or her emotions for the other person? Why should it not be uniform? Do I need to mention this is just some thought, not directed to something specific? Yes? Right, I just mentioned. But seriously some friendships just stress one out consistently, you end such toxic bonds then see you profited nothing noteworthy out of them.

I would be stepping into unknown territories soon enough; sometimes it frightens me so much, other times, I become super optimistic. I find myself picturing me in some sixty months time, objectives fulfilled, intents met, delighting in the success of my exploits. Writing down your objectives for your future helps you see things explicitly.

You never know your intrinsic strength until you test yourself, pushing further while exceeding your limits. So I thought to myself, “why don’t you try writing without using the vowel?” Now I’m going to ensure I try to write something without using it, let me shoot my shot.

Oh look! I just did. You seriously never know your proficiency till you put yourself to test.


image – electrothreads.com


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