So at the beginning of a bliss, they say the bond of three (God, Me and You baby) cannot be broken. This is the spiritual part and it is true, because you have decided to make God the head of the house (Bless the God, looool). Then sometimes after, something goes wrong. Why? What broke the bond?

Just as love isn’t enough, spirituality just isn’t too without Humility, Wisdom, Character and MUTUAL RESPECT.

Imagine a scenario where the lady never misses church, always punctual in both church services and parties, the women leader in church, teaches bible study and Sunday school, says the ’God bless you’ line whenever anybody greets her, but has no relationship whatsoever with her husband with whom she stays under the roof with. She talks him down, reports him to whomever cares to listen, insult him both publicly and in front of the children whenever there is a misunderstanding, sometimes threatens ‘to show him pepper’ if he’s not careful (you be God?). And Vice versa.

Here is my point, the least you can do for your man/woman, after the love you showed, is to respect each other. What does a healthy marriage look like? One that exhibit grace, humility and forgiveness, giving preference to one another in honor (Romans 12:10). One that serve each other and serve others, together. Marriage is honorable in all (Let us leave the bed that decides to be undefiled, for now) Hebrews 13:4.

I have heard of a woman who wants to fast and wait upon the Lord for three months, I guess, and decides ‘NO SEX TILL I AM DONE FASTING’ and then expects her husband to understand? Who does that? What is my business sef?

And to think some people will keep praying to God to help with their crumbling marriage and decide not to put any personal effort to the process. You still fight with him/her than ever, you still choose not to forgive, God is watching the film show you are trying to show him o, in 3D. You need to be self-controlled (temperate), kind, and submissive to your own spouse, that your marriage may not be reviled. This encompasses decency in character and conduct (Proverbs 12:4)

Spirituality o shey o! (Spirituality no do am, that’s how best I can explain it). The bond will be so broken, the devil will be glad.
Let me coman be going.


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