Hi! Happy new year guys (better late than never, right?), my year started on a good note and I’ve been excited from the first day. Although these Lagos conductors that never have change have been trying me, God win sha. 

I don’t usually do new year resolutions because I know say I no go fit keep am; my indiscipline is on fleek. Lol. Anyway, this year, I’m about to change that. I have just two (2) new year resolutions, which by the way are not your regular resolutions.

1.  Self-care: I kind of like to put other people’s needs above mine. Like if I have 500 naira and someone asks me for money, chances are I’ll give the person about 400 and starve or something. Also, I always think twice before I splurge on myself.

First working day of the year.

Last year, I bought a few clothing items – 1 jumpsuit (12500), 1 gown (8500) and some tops for 4000. Shikena.

Is 2018 the year I perfect my eyebrow skills? We can only hope.

I’m about to change that this year, scratch that, I’m already changing that. I’ve already spent close to 30k on myself and it’s not even the middle of the month yet.

This is about to be my signature pose.

2. Reduce the amount of time I spend arguing with my boss – That sounds funny I know, but you see the thing is, I spend too much time arguing with him.

And most times, I just give up mid-argument, and I begin to wonder why I even started in the first place. I just resumed work on Monday and it’s safe to I’m doing okay lol.

When I find myself arguing with him, I always remind myself to chuck it. Way to go Mims, way to go.

It is with great joy in my heart that I announce that my weight-gain journey don dey gather momentum. When I started my statistics were 34-28-38, now I’m 36-30-43. Can you guys see that progress?

I eat a lot now sha. On Saturday evening, I had beans then like an hour later, I went out with a friend and I had pizza (Debonairs sweet chili chicken is the best yo!). I ordered for medium and I added a medium-sized Blue Bunny (can’t remember the flavour). I finished the pizza and ice cream just between VI and Ikeja. I dey chow abeg. As punishment from the gods of healthy diet, I woke up with a bloated stomach and sulfur burbs and it lasted all through Sunday.

Am I getting fat? Of course I am. Thank you. Stop telling me, it’s enough. I used to like hearing it, but now it’s getting too much.

I’m tired of you telling me, “You’re now fat now oh, it fits you. But just stop here, don’t get fatter than this.” Sigh. You Nigerians are too intrusive, why would you tell me what to do and how to look? Why?

My mantra for this year is so silly but then it’s – New Year: New Slay. Lmao. Like I mentioned before I just think I’ve not been paying attention to myself. 2018 is the year of self-care and self-gassing. Gats blow my trumpet for myself.


I’m going to binge-watch makeup videos on YT so I can finally achieve my maximum level of slayage. You guys are not even ready. Looool.


Okay, I’ll try not to bombard you with pictures again. I’m making no promises at all. And oh yeah, my phone is bad again. Sigh, this phone wants to come between me and my slayage. Anyway, my birthday is next month and if you’ve been racking your head over what to get for me, I’m just gonna help you out now. An iPhone 8 doesn’t seem like a bad idea to me.

Enjoy the rest of your week guys.








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