Hi! It’s the last day of the year and I’m so grateful to God for counting me worthy to see this day. This year was a good year and I was able to achieve about 80% of what I set out to. I learnt a lot and I also changed a lot, I’m looking forward to the new year and I’m definitely setting bigger goals.

My Secret Santa ?? ended up being one of my bosses. I’m so happy with my gift. It’s not like he had me in mind when he bought it seeing as he didn’t even know who he was buying for, but still it’s very useful to me. I’m not much of a wristwatch person and I’ve not had a functioning one in over 3 years, so I was definitely thrilled with my gift.

My former colleague got married last week Saturday and we had to go turn up. The wedding was liiitttt! Well, it had to be seeing as I paid 25k for the asoebi. And as usual, I ate my 25k even though for some odd reasons, I didn’t have appetite. It was strictly by invitation which means they had an estimated number of guests they were expecting, so everyone was well catered for.

The after party was the littest, DJ Xclusive was on deck and there were drinks upon drinks.

I can’t dance to save my life, so I was just looking, drinking and laughing. I was buzzed when I left but I drank a lot of water before I slept, thankfully, I didn’t wake up hungover.

Last year, I made a post about what I learnt from the jobs I had then. This year, I learnt two (2) important things from my present job –

1. Your colleagues are not your friends.

2. There’s a thin line between work and play; mastery of when to switch is what makes you a professional.

Two apps were very important to me this year- wallet.ngand PiggyBank.ng, they helped me build a saving culture.

So if you’re looking to save a lot and healthily next year, I strongly recommend them. PiggyBank.ng has a daily savings feature, I started with 1k per day, you can do 2k.??‍♀️ There are 4 withdrawal days in a year and if you withdraw on a day that isn’t a withdrawal day, you’ll be charged with 5% of the amount you withdraw. You will add your bank account, so when you withdraw the money gets transferred into it. I safe-locked (till December 31) a certain amount in my PiggyBank because I know December salaries get paid early so they tend to finish early and January is a very long month?, so now I have enough money to keep me till the next payday. Before I woke up today, I already got a mail from them that my money is ready to be withdrawn, I withdrew it sharp sharp.

Wallet.ng is not a savings app like PiggyBank, it’s an online wallet. You can just keep your money there instead of leaving it in your bank account and allowing them remove little charges from you. Also, transferring from your Wallet to a bank account is 50 naira, which is cheaper than the 52.50 banks charge. If like me, you make transfers a lot, the extra 2.50 you get to save will be huge to you. It’s really easy to use too.



  1. I use piggy bank too. Though eventually the 5% charge wasn’t enough to deter me from withdrawing savings at a point. I was like giiiiiiime my money lol. I do love them though and I would recommend to everyone. I love the wedding material . I haven’t worn a watch in so long. I got to work before I remembered that I forgot the one I was determined to wear today first day of work in January

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