Hi! Last week I applied for a 3 day leave but my boss gave me just two days- Friday and Monday. I needed the break to go to my secondary school and university to get my certificates, and I had a wedding in Ibadan on Saturday, so the leave was well planned out.

I left my house on Friday ready to conquer the weekend
I got to my secondary school and I was told I could only collect the stuff on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I was a bit upset because I called ahead and the person I spoke to didn’t mention that.
I got to Ibadan some minutes after 2pm and in the evening, we went to the movies.
If this gown had legs ………….
We decided to see Catch-er but we were about 1 hour early, so we went to a lounge for drinks and games.
For your viewing pleasure
Disclaimer – That thing under my armpit is not hair, I promise. No idea, why my pictures turned out that way.
Dorcas, my course-mate from uni did my make up. I was so pleased with the result, and I’m recommending her to everyone in Ibadan.

She did my brows and eyes first, then came back like 2 hours later to do the face and everything was still intact
Grace was my plus 1 to the wedding. We got to the venue around 3pm, took some pictures, spent about an hour and left.
We didn’t spend much time at the wedding because I wasn’t really familiar with anyone and I’m not so close to the couple. I know my excuse is watery.
Grace made my gown.
This is currently my favourite picture of me.
We got home, gisted and ate. Grace continued reading and I read a novel.
On Sunday, I went to Agodi gardens with a friend. We took a walk, I noticed this and I wanted to get on it. But there were 2 couples on it and I didn’t want to look cliche.
When the couples got off, I got on one, and my friend took pictures and made videos for reasons I’m yet to comprehend.
The ride was pretty interesting for the first few seconds, but then going round and round, up and down for five minutes alone doesn’t exactly scream interesting.
Lol. I spent the ride talking to my friend
and screaming


I left Ibadan on Monday morning. I went to Bowen but I wasn’t able to complete the ish I went for, I’ll take another break for that next month.

I got to my house around 9pm and boyyyy was I drained. I showered, ate and slept off. Looking forward to this weekend and hopefully, it turns out to be as busy as the last.

Dorcas’s IG – @mzdorcas

Grace’s IG – @graceinpictures


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