Hi! I’m currently anticipating the last week of November. Who doesn’t love salesssssss?! I just saw Avengers – Age of Ultron yesterday, I really don’t know how I slept on it for this long. Well I totally loved Captain America and Tony’s banters and the usual quips between the Avengers. I’m a sucker for subtle humour. But I did not like the romance between Banner and Romanoff, like pleaseee no, it’s so awkward. Just like a Harvey – Rachael romance. No please.


I’ve not completely emptied the bag I took to church on Sunday since I have not been out of the house yet. So I’ll just show what’s in the Sunday bag. It’s practically same as what’s always in my bag.

  1. Books – because I love to acquire knowledge (both relevant and irrelevant). Most times, I read two books at a time and I really love the Joyce Meyer’s book about loving humanity the Christian way.
  2. Church notebook/Journal – Sunday or not, this is always in my bag. I write my thoughts, prayer points, and other things.
  3. Journal – I just got this fancy note. I’m yet to start writing in it but I take it everywhere because the cover soothes me. Always.
  4. Bible, highlighter and pen(s) – staple items!  
  5. Earpiece, ATM card and sim cards – I have 3 sim cards and I currently have 1 phone which has just a sim slot. So I always have to carry my sim cards around and change when necessary (see why I’m really anticipating November ending?) 
  6. Lipstick and contact lens – I don’t always have my contact lens in my bag, but I used the really cute brown ones to church so I guess that explains its presence.
  7. Hard drive and USB cord – because a girl has to collect movies lol and documents.
  8. Scarf – It’s a Sunday!


  1. I take alcohol whenever I feel lonely.
  2. I eat a lot when I’m pissed off.
  3. When I get really mad at people, I tend to throw a punch or two.
  4. I bite my nails.
  5. I suck my tongue.
  6. When my boyfriend doesn’t give me attention, I sulk and cry.
  7. Sometimes, I take at cigars to feel cool.

Must be nice to have these as habits but being the boring person I am, I have just two really horrible habits I can think of:

  1. I play with my hair a lot.
  2. I can go a day or two without bathing. No explanations. I’ve tried to change this habit but then, it is what it is. It’s not like I don’t bathe everyday oh. All I’m saying is, I can go a day or two without doing it.

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