Hi! I didn’t post day 3 and 4 because I ran out of Airtel data and Glo is really terrible where I stay and I’d rather use Glo than Airtel right now. Why suffer with Glo? Well, one of the fringe benefits of my new relationship is free data, so I’d rather suffer than spend extra money. Miser alert lol


  1. Buy me food: Like you don’t know I like food already *eyesrolling* I’m not a foodie, I do not even eat much but when someone buys me food no matter how little or cheap, I’m automatically drawn to the fellow.
  2. By spending time with me: I consider my time and personal space highly personal so if someone decides to share theirs with me, I see it as very sacrificial.
  3. Books: You don’t have to buy me books, just let me know we’ve read similar books and that’s all, Mima is with you.
  4. Being humane: I love humane people, I like people that constantly put the needs of the underprivileged above theirs. I love to volunteer and I like to be around people with like minds.
  5. Attention: Kill me with attention – two things; you either have my heart or the heel of my stilettos in your spine.


In no particular order:

  1. You do mighty things -Sinach
  2. Pana – Tekno: Who doesn’t like pana? Who doesn’t? You don’t? You’re not okay. Case closed.
  3. Cheap thrills – Sia ft Sean Paul: If my life was a movie script, this would be the OST. Lmao I need to upgrade my OT.
  4. Gallery (Spanglish version) – Mario Vasquez
  5. Onise Iyanu – Nathaniel Bassey
  6. Status – Vashawn Mitchell
  7. Ariwo ko – Adekunle Gold
  8. Wait (refix) – Solidstar ft Patoranking and Tiwa Savage: This would be one of the soundtracks of the movie script of my life.
  9. River Lea – Adele: Because Adele is bae.


I’m legit scared of not fulfilling God’s purpose for my life. I constantly think about being mediocre and I know I don’t ever want to be that. I’m also scared of poverty. It’s not like I want to be Dangote or Otedola kind of rich, no, I just want to be comfortable, and I want to be able to afford primary needs of life (food, clothing and shelter). I’m also scared of not getting it right in terms of marriage. I’ve seen the effects of bad marriage on the people involved the kids inclusive and I don’t ever want to go through that neither do I want to put my kids through the gruelling experience. Well, I fear that the dollar won’t go back to #120 naira. In fact that scares me a lot. Whither Nigeria? Whither motherland?





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