Hi guys! I know I’m not the only one into the new-gen Nollywood. There’s a shift from the regular witchcraft, in-law brouhaha, ritual and all that dead stuff to romcom, chick flicks with a strong female lead and basically feel good movies. Too much talk lol.

New Money basically is about a young lady, Toun Odumosu (Jemima Osunde) who is passionate about fashion and works as a salesgirl. Her father dies and leaves her in charge of his multi-billion enterprise. The interesting thing is she was told by her mom that her dad was late waaaayyy before the man actually died. The movie was about her bridging her supposedly poor background with a new rich life. The movie was okay, it had a few funny and realistic scenes and was predictable small lol. 

Okayyyyyyy! Rumour Has It Season 2 is baaaccckkkk! I watched the first episode I was wondering what was going on but maannnnn I’m so here for it! Ranti (Jemima Osunde) is such a bitch ahh! And Dolapo (Ihuoma Ejiofor)? Cheating goals ni girl yen. Babe has a hot man at home and an ever hotter one on the side. But wait, Femi (Efa Iwara) is so creepy, so he knew about Franklin (Mawuli Gapor) and he was still doing stuff with Dolapo ah! At the end of the last episode when I saw Femi watching Dolapo and Franklin, I screamed, that man is crayyyy!! Can we crown Jemima Osunde the most versatile greenhorn Nollywood actress? She’s naive Leila in Shuga Naija, confused boss Toun in New Money, extremely rude Ireti in My Wife & I, and nasty Ranti in Rumour Has it. The babe can act abeg.

Do you Nigerians know the meaning of a musical? Seriously, do you? I mentioned that I was going to see The Eve and my colleague said it was a musical, I was wondering because I saw the trailer and it didn’t look like one, I sha still went ahead. As I was standing in line to buy my popcorn, I overheard some ladies talking about The Eve and saying it was a musical, I was a bit dismayed but then, I had already bought my ticket, so I had no other choice but to see the movie. The Eve is not a musical biko, they sang like just 3 times, how is that a musical? Sigh. Anyway, have you seen the cast? Those guys are hooottttt! How will you cast Mawuli Gavor, Kunle Remi, Wale Adefarasin and Efa Iwara together? What are you trying to do to us? I didn’t like the movie sha, I’m guessing it was because of Meg Otanwa’s dead acting.

There’s a new Nollywood movie premiering on the 30th of this month, I can’t remember the name right now, but I’m sure I’m anticipating its release.


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