Hi guys??. Should the full stop come before or after the emoji? Basically, should punctuation marks come before or after emojis?? My laptop has been faulty since Monday and I really do not enjoy typing with my phone #Lazyandproud, I was going to put this post on hold but I don’t want anyone missing out on good things lol. I planned on embedding the video of each series but at this stage, I can’t be stressed. Enough of my mumble jumble, let’s get down to business.

1. Gidi up – I stand to be corrected, but I think Gidi up is the pioneer of Nigerian web series. It follows the lives of millennials trying to make it in this Lagos.

2. Skinny girl in transit – This is my favourite. The drama, the realness, the ‘I can relate’ feeling, everything about this series makes it a fans favourite.

3. Rumour has it – I think RHI is the story of Toke Makinwa (I think oh, I think), I fell in love with Uru Eke all over again while seeing this. We’re still waiting for season 2.

4. This is it – follows a young newly married couple and their journey through figuring this marriage thing out. Sometimes, I want to enter my laptop or phone and slap the hell out of Dede. If you love Nick Mutuma, you’d love this.

5. Our best friend’s wedding – I think this one is shit and the acting is so cringeworthy. Oreka served major natural hair goals though.

6. 5ive – I’m still not sure where I stand on this.

7. Everything in between – Once you get past the nonsense accent flying upandan, you should enjoy this. Also, if like me you love seeing Ayoola Ayolola (Mide from SGIT) on your screen, you should see this.

8. Inspector K – Pure humour. Loved this.

9. On the real – This is different from what we see in Nollywood. I don’t know why this series doesn’t have so many views, I’m guessing it’s because there was little hype around it. They just finished filming season 3 or something like that, but I’ve been seeing it all over IG. You should see it sha.

10. Lagos big boy – I love Bollylomo, I stan hard for him, but this series ehn, I don’t understand it. I tried watching 2 episodes and I gave up, if you’ve seen more than 2 you’re the real mvp. I’m not recommending it, I just added it so my list will be up to 10.??‍♂️


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