Hi! Not only is nostalgia my favourite word, it is also my favourite feeling. I like to reminisce on things that used to be, things that should have been and things that still are. Weird though.

I grew up in Ikorodu. Now in the early 90s/late 90s, Ikorodu wasn’t the choice destination of many. It was more like a developing town, there were lots of bushes around my house. Actually, for a long time, our nearest neighbours were about 5 minutes away from us. Bush left, right, front and back. It was a pretty decent neighbourhood though and everyone knew everyone. So you could be sure that if you messed up someone would tell someone that would tell someone that would tell your parents.

So this happened when I was about 8 or 9, I’m not quite certain. It was during Christmas period and my brother and I were returning from church on a Sunday afternoon. We had loose change, I’m guessing one of us didn’t pay our offering, you know when the offering basket skips you and you don’t bother going after it? Yh, I’m sure that’s what happened.

Well, we decided to buy knockouts with the money, then banger used to be like 10 box or less. When we got to the shop, the man/woman advertised another type to us. It was shaped like an airplane, and (s)he told us that when we light it, it would fly and make the typical knockout sound. We were so excited and we dropped 70 box, which was a lot of money back then. On our way home, we decided to fire the airplane. We were going to do it in front of our house, but for some reasons, we decided to do it in front of the bush beside the house. I remember my brother arranging stones in a pile and putting the airplane on it (takeoff of life), we fired it and waited like hungry puppies to watch our 70 box come to life. Boy were we in shock when instead of our airplane taking off, the bush caught fire. No lies. Like the entire bush was razing and the harmattan breeze made it worse. We stood in front shaking with trepidation as we had the same thought on our minds – daddy will kill us today. We were in a sombre mood throughout the day as we waited for our parents to come home. The gods were on our side that day, as our parents took no notice of the bush. We wanted to be happy and calm but we couldn’t because we kept on thinking someone was going to come and ask us or our neighbours what happened to the bush, but no one did.

I never bought banger after that but my brother and Toni kept on buying bangers and lighting them in empty coke bottles. After a while, they graduated to lighting them in the belly of unfortunate lizards and frogs. Hello PETA, I have a case for you.

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