Hi! Hmm. I know I’ve been off for a while, I’ve been quite busy with stuff and I have not really had time for anything else asides starting Friends from Season 1 again.
If you scroll to the end of my blog, you’ll see a milestone widget displaying a countdown to a certain date. That is what I’ve been working towards since February last year, but I got really serious about it in June. I did all I could do to make it come to fruition but I’m guessing my best wasn’t good enough.

I cried. Like I’ll sit at my desk at work and feel the tears rolling down, then run to the ladies before anyone notices. Lol. On Tuesday, I had a major breakdown and allowed the tears flow freely, no restrictions. Did I feel better? Not exactly.

It’s really painful because on a normal day, I’m a laid-back girl. I don’t stress myself neither do I go out of my comfort zone to do anything. But for once I did all of that, I put in effort and all I get is E for Effort. Lol. Life can be really funny at times.

Will I be okay? Yes, eventually, but I’m still trying to come to terms with knowing that I can do everything right and things will still not work out the way I want.

Anyway, I have 87 days to go. A girl can still hope.


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  1. That is really sad to hear. I hope everything turns out just fine. Never give up.

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