I got my first passport in 2005. Me, my brother and my dad were supposed to go to Togo (spot the palindrome?), Ghana and the UK. I didn’t do so well that session, so I had to stay back and attend holiday coaching. Since then, I’ve not had the opportunity to use the passport. It expired in 2010 and I wasn’t bothered about getting the new e-passport since I figured I wasn’t leaving the country anytime soon. Long story short, I figured I really needed one since it’s also a recognised means of identification.

What you should take along with you:

  1. Birth Certificate / Affidavit for declaration of age (I did mine for 1500)
  2. Certificate of State of Origin – This can be gotten from your state’s liaison office (Ondo State – 2000 and 50 box for envelope)
  3. 2 passport photographs
  4. A guarantor’s international passport and driver’s license/National identity card

The Process:

  1. Make photocopies (one each) of your birth certificate, certificate of state of origin and your guarantor’s documents. Also, you’ll have to write a letter, but you’ll be given the format when you get there.
  2. Pay for your passport and follow through with the necessary documentation.
  3. Go for your face, fingerprint and signature capture.
  4. Take your printout (ensure you take note of the collection date on it), put it in your file and drop the file with whoever is collecting it.
  5. Go home and wait for 3 weeks.
  6. Collect your passport.


  1. Get a contact there and save yourself the stress because the process will take you about 3/4 hours or more.
  2. Get to the immigration office early. Let’s say 7/8 am.
  3. Don’t be rude to anyone and don’t look down on any of the officials because even the lowest official can help you process your passport faster.
  4. If you want your passport earlier than 3 weeks, be prepared to pay more money to your contact.

I really didn’t go through any stress because I had a contact there and even when there was a mistake with my file, he called me and I was able to go back for capturing. I shudder at the thought of not having someone that was looking out for me there, I’d have gone on November 1 to collect my passport only to be told to start again. So in case you or someone you know needs an international passport soon, I’d be glad to share my contact with you.

In other unrelated news, I’m about to hop on the menaskom train. Seriously, are there still good men out there? I know there are, I have a couple of them as friends. Just look at me, making good men friends and looking for scum again. Sigh.

It’s been a while I received good news and I’m hoping that changes this week.

I’m currently listening to Simi’s eponymous albus, Simisola.

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