Sex outside marriage has become the norm. TV shows promote it, songs and music videos endorse it. Sex is now an advertising tool, billboards carry half dressed ladies and men endorsing toothpaste, soaps, deodorant and what have you. The thing is; sex sells. It’s actually a great
bargaining tool now. But does it make premarital sex right?

I got into a conversation with someone some time ago and his excuse was that the world is changing, and he went further to say that even the Pope declared that Catholics can use condoms now. I tried understanding his views but I just couldn’t, I mean Paul obviously knew that a time like this was going to come and that’s why he told us not to conform to the world (Romans 12:2). That everyone is into something doesn’t make it right, as a Christian you don’t answer to the world, you answer to God. You don’t look up to the world and its messed up value system, instead you look up to Jesus.

Keeping yourself till marriage doesn’t guarantee a happy home. Oh wait! You thought it did? Wake up and smell the coffee. It really irks me when people tell young girls to keep themselves for different reasons like so their husbands will respect them, so they won’t lose much when the relationship doesn’t end well, blah blah. Keeping your legs closed in a relationship doesn’t mean the guy would respect you or treat you better. If all you bring to the table is disrespect, unnecessary drama, bad attitude and others, your “I’m keeping myself” won’t save you, he’ll drop you faster than a child dropping a hot spoon. I’m not endorsing premarital coitus.

So what are you saying Mima? All I’m saying is don’t remain a virgin or be celibate for flimsy reasons. Stay pure because God told you to, close your legs because you don’t want to defile yourself, and above all, because you love God and honour his word.


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