1. Shower cap: You know how the rain in Lagos is. This moment it’s all bright and sunny and the next pewpewpew, it’s raining already. So to avoid avoidable surprises, always have your shower cap in your bag in honour of the Brazilian lady. Just incase a shower cap is too much of a burden, you can always use good ol’ ‘nylon’, works just as good!

2. Tom tom: Just because the weather will sha be somehow sha

3. Power bank: We all know the bittersweet relationship between nepa and rain. Very essential.

4. Wellington boots and a raincoat: Very necessary if you’re a pedestrian in this Lagos. I mean you’ll be walking on sunshine peacefully and one human being will see puddles, drive into it and end up ruining your clothes.


To avoid stories that touch, jejely package yourself in a raincoat and wellies.

(Image: Pinterest)


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