Today after service, I noticed a little girl dressed in the most skimpy clothing I have ever seen on a child, and trust me when I say skimpy, this dress made perverted heads turn. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not an individual with an ancient way of thinking. I am all for trendy and fashionable way of dressing but to what point does being a fashionable parent cross over to being a bad parent.
We tend to forget the upcoming generation are not being raised in the circle and societal nomenclature that we were raised in, surrounded by friends instead of computers, letters instead ofphones and by uncles who tell stories and not by uncles whose tales are filled with wet tissues and empty chocolate plates.


Being the best parent we could ever be to our kids does not mean dressing to look great or picture worthy moments for snapchat, Instagram, e.t.c, it means raising your child in the way of the lord and teaching them the way to become the best version of themselves that they could ever be for that picture worthy article that would be written of their life and accomplishments.
Let’s not lose ourselves and morality when absorbing the western way of life, let’s take a step back remember our roots, because, house does a building stand with no solid foundation.


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