Hi! Hi!! Hi!!! I’m super excited, actually, I’ve been super excited since Monday and no matter how much I try to mask it, I just can’t hide my joy. I’ve been waiting for something and it finally came through. Even though this is just stage 1 and it doesn’t really mean the big thing will come through, I’m still glad because for once, I had an idea and I backed it up with action. On a norm, when I have an idea, I always convince myself that the idea is bs and it won’t sail, I start thinking of a million and one ways I’ll fail, I begin to dwell on the what-ifs and I end up discarding the idea. But this time around, even after discarding several times and looking for faults as usual, I still went ahead with it. So yeah, cheers to a new me – a more confident me.

The last time I did a post about looking forward to things was September 2016, I decided to check it out and see if anything has changed. Let’s recap and compare, shall we?

  1. Weddings: I wrote about how I hated weddings and how I was looking forward to attending 2 that month, I ended up attending only 1 though. 1 year later and I’m absolutely smitten by weddings, I love everything about them- the happiness, the joy, the love, the foooodddd, the dance- every damn thing.
  2. Rain: I used to love rainy season, it was my favourite season. Well, it was, until I moved to the Island. Gosh I hate rain now ehn, I just get unnecessarily moody when it starts raining because I know everywhere is going to be messy and flooded and gloomy and so drab.
  3. Family: Nothing has changed about this. Still the same, better actually.
  4. Books: I got a bookshop, I stumbled upon it around October or so, I can’t really remember.
  5. Job Interviews: I got a new job about a week after writing that post. I’m on my 3rd job after putting that up.

So yeah, I’ve come to realise that most times, we ignore the little things, well, the things we classify as little. To cure myself of this, I’m going to start a gratitude journal to write down things I’m grateful and thankful for. Or better still, I’ll have a gratitude jar. Here’s a guide on how to go about it – gratitude jar.

In my last wedding related post, I talked about a red gown I got from T.T. Lagos and me wanting to wear it to a wedding. Dami’s brother got married on Saturday, so I decided to go for the food, pictures and ambience.

Hold my bag, I’m about to kill this picture guurrrllll
Bukky was like, “Tuck your tummy in gurrrlll.”
And I was just there like, “What else can I do?”
Then I tucked the tummy in so much. I’m sure that’s my rib cage showing.


Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

No be pose, the sun was killing my eyes.


Couldn’t get a better picture of the back


I’m craving Berries Fete Parfait from Smoothie Express but my account balance is not agreeing with me. When I get paid tomorrow or whenever, that’s the first thing I’m buying. Oh yeah, that and my eyebrows. I need to thread my brows asap!!!!!

  • How do you sleep – Jesse McCartney
  • Leavin’ – Jesse McCartney
  • Body language – Jesse McCartney
  • Shake – Jesse McCartney
  • It’s over – Jesse McCartney


  1. Jemima! , you look as beautiful as ever. looking at your pictures brings back memories. You were so notorious in mayflower chai!

    • Mims

      Thanks b. Lmaoo me that I always tell people that I was a gentle dove then.

  2. T kelvin

    Gorgeous body shape u’ve got…Gratitude jar!,am so buying that idea..

  3. Anonymous

    yeah it’s good to look back and see how far you’ve come and be grateful for the little things really especially for those of us that complain about everything. In the season of recapping, let’s also recap how your promised me paella, don’t forget to tick that box. G

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