After the incident last year, I took a break from my mat. Not for any special reason but majorly because of the discomfort. The thing about taking a break from yoga is the betrayal of your body. It’s almost like your body doesn’t remember anything. The seemingly distant unfamiliar pain of making your body do what it’s not used to returns, this time, with full force. I couldn’t bear it, so I stopped completely.

I made little progress before I stopped.

When I moved earlier this year, I tried starting but I became too occupied with work, I had to drop it.

Screenshot from a video – I REALLY wanted to learn to headstand and I made good progress

After over a year, I’m ready to return to my mat. I got a new yoga mat from Miniso and I was lucky to find yoga blocks, the lack of which had earlier made me not make progress with splits.

Going back to my mat now is very important to me because for about 3 months now, I’ve been on a self-development project and my lack of discipline has become very obvious to me. This is something I MUST deal with if I want to attain the heights I want and reach the goals I created for myself. Yoga and discipline go hand in hand. The first few weeks are going to be quite painful, I know that, but me not giving up is how I build capacity.

So here’s to me, an almost 30-year-old, indisciplined young woman, going back to her mat to learn one of the most important principles of success.🥂


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