Hi! On Saturday, my friend, Flora, asked me to accompany her to Bismid at Yaba to get her skin products, do facials and to also talk about plans for her upcoming wedding. The reason why I decided to do facial too, I really do not know.

I actually have a skincare routine which has been very effective and I follow it religiously.

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Right before the facial. My skin is actually not problematic.

My Experience

The lady, who was super nice by the way, started by cleansing my face. Then she went ahead to apply something on my face, I asked what it was and she said it’s because I have dry skin. She didn’t say what it was and wait a second my skin is everything but dry!! That stayed on my face for like 5 mins, then she washed it off and put the roughest scrub ever on my face and scrubbed my face with so much vigour that I could hear my epidermis weeping bitterly.

After some minutes, she put honey on my face and steamed my face for close to 10 minutes, washed off the honey, applied some stuff, put facial mask on my face, let it dry and washed it off. I don’t remember if she applied any moisturiser or not.

My face was violated. Wow.

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Monday.   My girl, Grace, swears I naturally look like an Igbo houseboy.


When I was washing my face in the evening, it had this squeaky clean feel. I hated that so much, it’s back to normal now.


  • The lady didn’t ask for my skin type (oily) before commencing. She didn’t ask about the products I use and my skin history, nothing!
  • She rubbed the towel so hard, instead of patting my face.
  • I had no idea of the products that were used.
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Post-work selfie – My foundation-free face. Before the facial.
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Today.  Foundation was used.


2000 naira – includes a towel, and an extra 500 naira for extractor. I got one but didn’t need it tho.


To be honest, I did not notice any difference, asides that squeaky clean feel. I obviously will not be going back there anytime soon, I pamper my face a lot and I can’t allow someone come and use ishan to enlarge my already large pores.

I decided to ask my friend……

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Maybe it’s just me then!

I used Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris’s Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait de parfum today and I’ve not stopped sniffing myself all day. Christ! I smell so divine today.

As always.?


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