I want to do something different today, I want to write about the thoughts and feelings we go through being unemployed. There are several stages your mind takes you through and  in as much as you try not to think of it, you really cannot help yourself.

The most important thing you think about is money, that feeling of being broke and knowing that you are too old to be relying on your parents but there is really nothing you can do about it for now. The fact that there is no money even for the simple pleasures, I mean for crying out loud there are one million things you can use money for. The feeling of not being independent or sufficient is annoying but then again there is the feeling of stagnancy too or uselessness (too harsh?) because this is definitely not where you saw yourself when you were in final year. This feeling is actually very suffocating, it’s hard to find what drives you and you constantly question yourself.  Another thought that crosses one’s mind is that you are underachieving, you feel like you are more than what you are now, most of your friends and classmates are moving forward with their lives and yours is lagging behind ( yeah yeah I know everyone’s timing and season is different but that does not stop the thoughts from coming).

There are so many thoughts that pass through your mind and all of these thoughts are fueled by one thing which is fear. Fear that you are just a dreamer and all the things you want to achieve, all the plans you have may not actually come to reality and your life will just turn out to be average or mediocre. The goal is not to allow the fear paralyse you but encourage and motivate you to achieve what you want no matter how long it takes.


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