Hi you all!?? I’ve been on the mainland since Saturday, this morning I woke up pretty early, say around 5:30. Got prepared and left the house before 6:30. Got to the BRT b/stop and met a long ass queue, I estimated that like 3 buses would get filled up before it was going to get to my turn.

So I decided to get a cab, the estimate was 2k-3k, I still went ahead and confirmed. While my cab was on his way, bus No. 1 came. Anyway, I entered the cab and as we approached third mainland bridge, I knew I made a stupid impromptu decision. Everyone that lives in Lagos knows that 3MB is always blocked every morning, and it’s especially worse on Mondays. Now, i used Taxify, stupid decision number 2, I’ve learnt that when you’re doing long distance with traffic, it’s better to use yellow cabs, at least you’d have discussed price already so whether you spend 4 hours in traffic or not, you’ll pay the same money. Now I’m in my cab, AC, comfort and everything but am I calm? Nah. My head is calculating how much I’ll have to pay, I’m calculating how long it will take me to get to work and also thinking of how I’d have been at TBS by now if I had thought things through and waited for the bus instead of whipping my phone out on impulse and getting a cab.I think the major reason I do stupid impromptu things is because of my level of impatience. I’m not even exaggerating, I’m possibly the most impatient person alive. That’s my lesson for the week – think things through before you go ahead with them. Pause, have a moment before you make a decision.??‍♀️


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