Genre: Fiction

Theme: Faith
Sunrise is the first book in the Sunrise Series. This is also under the Baxter Family Drama, just as Found (Firstborn Series).


A Long Awaited Celebration

In preparation for their wedding day, Dayne Matthews and Katy Hart are determined to keep the ceremony a secret from the paparazzi. Their relationship grows closer and stronger as they plan together, but before the wedding, Katy and Dayne face what may be their greatest challenge. Is it possible for Katy to find a place in Dayne’s world? Or could the pressures of fame rip away everything they’ve fought to find together?

A Renewed Hope

John Baxter is thrilled that his oldest son will settle down a few miles away, but isn’t sure how any of his kids will handle a situation he can no longer run from – the feelings he’s having for his friend Elaine. Amid wedding plans and other family news, John feels the hope of a breathtaking sunrise for the first time since Elizabeth’s death.

A Terrible Tragedy

Meanwhile, the Flanigan family is struggling with their young boarder, Cody Coleman, the star receiver on Jim Flanigan’s football team. After an alcohol overdose, Cody fights for his life. Only God’s grace and a miracle can bring him back from the brink of death – and bring Jim’s distraught team together again.

A story about God’s unending faithfulness and the promise of new beginnings.

Last time I talked about Found, I promised to read the other books in the series. I went to the bookstore and found only the fifth book and it didn’t really make much sense for me to buy it, so I decided to buy the next series instead (the bookstore had the complete set). Like I mentioned earlier, it’s also under the Baxter Family drama.

I totally loved reading this book. I liked the idea of Dayne the Hollywood star being in a celibate relationship and actually respecting boundaries. I always loved Ashley but I wasn’t too fond of her here because of her constant emotional outbursts over the relationship between John and Elaine. I still can’t get over the miracle of Hayley walking again!! I found the relationship between Bryan and Bailey Flanigan rather overplayed. I mean, who says all the dumb loveydovey stuff he was telling her. Who believes such crap really?

What I really learnt from this book is the importance of forgiveness and new beginnings, I’ve previously shared a post on how I applied it to my life at that moment. Karen’s writing style is unarguably topnotch at usual.


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