Selah appears mostly in the Psalms and about 2/3 times in Habakkuk. The meaning is relatively unknown but there are few postulations as to what it means.  According to the Amplified Bible selah means “pause, and think of that.” 

Most times we move past life so fast and it does the same to us, we barely have time to pause and think. Life seems programmed – you go to school, get a job, get married, have kids, take care of the kids, work hard, work harder, retire, get old people’s diseases and die. When do we get our selah moment? When do we get to pause and think of what exactly we’re doing?

I’m at this stage where I’m just chilled about life. This is my selah moment, I’m taking life one day at a time, I’m taking stock of my life and re-evaluating decisions. I’m looking back on where I’ve come from and trying to see where I made the wrong choices. I’m making the necessary adjustments, and starting afresh in some cases. I think having a selah moment is critical before going from one stage to another.

Stop and reflect for a minute. Take out time to just enjoy silence, take a walk, do anything. Just take a step away from the noise and distraction(s). Meditate on the word of God. Spend time with yourself, fall in love with yourself all over again, love your company. Make plans for the future, ponder on them. Basically, just always have a period to stop and think and take stock.

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