Okay let’s talk about the church and youths streaming out.
I sing and I started from the church, I am still in the church because my passion lies with God, just that I had to migrate from an orthodox church to a pentecostal church. Do you think pentecostal churches do not have set down rules and values like orthodox churches too?


Of course they do! Yet we find youths streaming out to attend churches like House on the Rock, Daystar, Commonwealth of Zion Assembly, and many others. Why?

I attended an Aunt’s wedding last weekend at a Baptist church and the reception from the usher I met at the entrance was a hostile one. While the wedding was on, another lady walked up to me and said (rudely), ‘Find something to cover your head, maybe a handkerchief,’ and I responded, “I’m afraid I do not have one, I’m sorry.” She left to come back later with a piece of information, “We’ll have to send you out if you don’t cover your head”. Well I wasn’t shocked, I just couldn’t get my eyes off her lips. LOL. It wasn’t funny then o. An usher in a Pentecostal church will never say that to you, even if they have the thought in mind (which I doubt), because they expect you to use your common sense to dress appropriately, especially for the fact that you are the odd one out, you feel out of place and the next time you come in for service, you look much better than the previous service.

Most of the celebrities we have today started from the church too. What is the church lacking to loose these great potentials? Most churches ignore the teenagers who are talented and focus on building gigantic auditoriums and buying private jets, forgetting to give attention to these youths by encouraging them and giving them platforms in church programs, forgetting to shape them to know what exactly they are in Christ through the Word of God. Then these youth get almost frustrated and lack interest in church programs because even if they go, what will they have to show for it? Then these youths get noticed by magazines, and record labels out there, and because they don’t have a solid Christian teaching and do not know who they are in Christ, they just go for it in a bid to be popular. All the ladies used as video vixens must have started from one church or the other and for the fact that they love to dance, and no attention was given to them, they go to any extent to do what they enjoy and they do not see anything wrong in dancing naked because they do not have the knowledge of the fact that they are made in the image of God, so why judge them?
The church failed most of them and they found love somewhere else.

Good luck as you become superstars, sadly in the wrong place.

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