Sometimes it feels good, the communication is topnotch, it doesn’t feel forced.

Other times, I have to remind myself to talk to Him, I have to nudge myself to read His letters.

I’m hot today and cold tomorrow.

I hate the distance, I try to avoid it, but it seems inevitable.

Why can’t I wake up by 5 to talk to Him?

Why do I always wait till things get out of my control before I hand them to Him? 

Didn’t He say I should give all to Him?

Is this some form of disobedience?

Dear Lord, I’m trying. I struggle and I know you see my struggles.

I don’t like the distance.

How can I bridge the distance?

I’m asking questions I have answers to already.


Because I am desperate.

I look around and see people enjoy the communion we used to have.

I want it back.

I want all of it.

I miss You.

I hate the distance.


I moved.

I should go back.

I should.

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