Hi! Long story short, Seun ruined my “The power of being a woman” and she offered to replace it. I was indifferent about her getting me another one, but she insisted (1000 reasons why I love Seun). She wanted to get a couple of books, so I took her to my favourite bookstore and she kept on drumming it in my ears to make sure I look for my book lol. Well, I wanted something new, so I ignored her.

First time I took the love language ish serious was 2 years ago while I was serving. I came across a list of books people intending to get married in the church I was attending then had to read, and it was included there. I got a copy from someone and read through it, it was and still is a great read.

TFLL for singles is not exactly different from the main book, it just focuses on building relationships with people we come across in our everyday lives and understanding their perspectives and perception of life and love.

The cover is not exactly attractive but, hey you don’t judge a book by its cover.

Thank you Oluwaseun.



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