Today, I will be talking about the marriage effect. It’s like when a guy gets married, that is when he appears single to some ladies. Like the hell mehn. Haba! I won’t deny the attention is really nice but let’s call a spade a spade. Look at this, you marry a guy and two weeks after your marriage, the number of girls that hit on him increases from 0-5. Some don’t even have a chill pill, right there at the wedding they are winking at your man.
Now, obviously you get pissed, rant and scream but forgetting you were once like that. It’s karma baby, if you don’t want sand in your garri, then don’t put it in another’s.

Just to test this theory, I used myself as a bait. Not that I hosted a fake wedding and all, that would just be stupid, or would it?? *thinking* I’ll get back to you on that. Anyway, I was at the bank to go pay my kids school fees (actually my nieces, but love them like they are mine) and the branch I was in was messing up. So on eavesdropping on a lady’s conversation with a bank staff telling her to try another branch, I took the initiative and decided to drive off to the other branch. This lady seemed to be in a hurry and so I offered her a lift, since we were heading to the same place ( Note: she was not my taste and neither was I searching for anything. Just a Good Samaritan). And so we started talking about how crappy the bank was, all these while she never showed any interest in me until I struck gold with why I was in the bank, leaving out that I was paying the fees for my nieces and replaced it with my daughters.

This lady lit up like a Christmas tree and was like ‘Are u serious?’ ‘Wow’, and ‘are you married?’ In my mind I was like ‘My God, what is happening’. Then she goes ‘where do you stay’. And when I said I was not married, she went on fire and started suggesting why “my daughter” needs a female in her life. At this point I was rolling on the floor in my head. To cut the long story short, I was a gentleman about everything, dropped her off, tried to wait for her cause I was done first but couldn’t. About taking my leave, she comes and introduces her self and does the “won’t you take my number gesture,” well I didn’t take the bait. I smiled and drove away.

Point I am trying to make here is, ladies please, let these men be. Don’t be an edible catering to another woman’s property. And if by chance I got it all wrong with the lady, I apologize but she just seemed like a good way to make my point.


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