Last month I went to a strip club. I didn’t plan to go though, but I went with a couple of friends after work. We got there around 11/12, at that time, it was full downstairs and we were directed upstairs. That was full too, so we had to go to another room, still upstairs. As soon as we sat down, one of my friends told a stripper to come do her thing on me. She gave me a lap dance while my friends put money on her and all of that, when she saw they had a lot of money to throw away, she increased the intensity of her routine lol. She turned, faced me and practically raped me with my clothes on. I will not lie to you, I was disgusted. I tried to not let her read my facial expression because I didn’t want her feeling bad and what’s not. After a while, she left me alone and I was able to do what I was there for, which was to observe.

As I sat there watching the strippers move around naked and semi-naked while men looked, jeered, touched and put money on these ladies, I immediately pictured lions and gladiators from Roman history. In the old Roman empire, it was some sort of weird sport to have helpless people fight with lions and gladiators. People paid to see people get mauled to death by lions and beaten to their graves by gladiators, they cheered at the gladiators and jeered at the dying victims. Idk how to explain this, but I saw or rather pictured some similarities between the scenarios.

What hurt me was seeing these girls being objectified. Throwing money on them, touching the private and intimate part of their bodies anyhow, treating them like shit, etc. I legit felt bad. I understand that some of them love what they do, and don’t deserve my sympathy but still, I just can’t take the thoughts of them out of my mind.

When I started writing this post, I had no motive in mind. I just wanted to write about it, I just wanted to put my thoughts in words, but I don’t even know how to gather these thoughts and put them in a piece.

Now I’m done writing and I still have no motive. But hey, do not cast your pearls before swines.



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