It follows the lives of three women who bonded for the first time during a New Year’s Eve party.

They make resolutions and the new years turns out to be probably their most traumatic ever. Families become unbalanced, homes become upturned, jobs are lost, seemingly perfect lives become otherwise.

I think I’ve lost my book recommending mojo, here’s to hoping I get it back soon.




  1. Wow…looks like something worth reading.

    Sad fact: I’ve not finished a single novel in like an entire year??. Have no idea as to why

    • It is actually. Really sad fact lol, maybe you’ve not come across any ‘interesting’ novel. What genre do you read?

      • Lol… It used to be horror or all those psychotic based books and then I started reading any book that is just really interesting but presently… I just pile up a lot of books I never get to read.

        • Haha. Sounds like me at some point. Challenge yourself to read at least one book per week, that should work.

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