Hi! Been a minute. Not like I’ve exactly been busy or anything, Netflix has been taking most of my time and YouTube too. Omg! YouTube eats time like crazy. You go on YouTube to watch Wizkid’s Manya and 40 hours later, you find yourself watching “Hollywood celebs producers won’t cast”. Sigh.

So like 2 weeks ago I needed a certain guy’s assistance on IG. Not like I really needed it though, but I was just tired of asking one person and needed to ask someone else. I entered his DM like, Hi and all of that. Now this guy and I had previously chatted, he put up “if you’re single in November, you’re ugly” on his IG story, I messaged him like, “oh I thought I was the only ugly person” and we just had bants, shikena. So this time around sha, I sha entered the DM, said hi, how are you blah blah, then he was like “what’s up” then added “this is out of the blues”, then I was like “can’t I shoot my shot in peace again” Next thing he says is “oh there’s someone I recently started talking to, but we can be friends.” I was shoooooook. Like hello, it’s a joke, I was joking!! Like uncle, I actually came here to talk about something important. The annoying thing is the serious thing I even wanted to talk about now started looking like a cover up, like I just brought it up to mask the awkwardness of everything. He was actually helpful, but I just felt deep down, he felt like I was actually trying to shoot my shot. I actually appreciated his honesty though, but then I felt really stupid. I’ve been wondering since that day, how far is too far? Was my attempt at a joke out of place? Maybe I should just stop joking with people I’m not so close to, but then i was just trying to break the ice. Sigh.DSC_0298

On Saturday I went to the beach with my cousin and a Nikon D3200 (which I borrowed btw) with one aim – take killer pictures. We spent over an hour on the beach, when I got home and checked the pictures, most of them were blurry, like 99% of the pictures. The hurt and pain I felt can’t be described using mere words. It was even more annoying because I took a loottt of pictures I thought were dope. Apparently, I made a minor mistake with the settings, that’s why my pictures were ruined. Here goes my photography career, down the drain.


Does it feel like Christmas where you are? Because it sure does around me. The decorations are not up and Christmas songs are not being played around but I have so much Christmas spirit and holiday cheer, I could fill up Santa’s clausometer with my cheer alone. When I get to work, I light up the tree, do my make-up and listen to Christmas songs for about 30-45 mins before I start doing anything productive. I can’t wait to find out what my secret santa got me. Okay, I kind of cheated with the whole secret santa thing at work, but as the organizer, I can make and change the rules whenever it pleases me lol.


My phone got spoilt two weeks ago and I thought it was just the battery, but after changing the battery, it still wasn’t coming on. Then the repairer said it was something something else, which was times 2 the money I budgeted for the phone, so I had to dump the phone. I’m back to using my old phone and I didn’t ‘switch’ my WhatsApp, so I’ve been offline for a while. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing but I’m sort of enjoying not being in touch with anyone. I miss the phone though, so I just might be fixing it sooner than I planned to.

I have this project I’m working on and I’m so pleased that things are working out well for me. I pray it comes out extremely well in the long run.


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