I sent my resignation mail an hour ago. I do not have a job waiting for me. I have no interviews lined up. But… I sent it.

Yet, guess who feels so ecstatic and enthusiastic about the future? Me! Yes, me!!

jemima 1
First day of work. lol

For a while I’ve not loved my job, I’ve had this feeling of being stuck. My company is great, my colleagues are amazing and therein lies the problem. Some times, I get so comfortable and forget that I actually have career goals and I’m not exactly moving towards them.

jemima 2
Second day. So skinny wiuunnn.

That’s me being hard on me.

I’ve grown in many ways – career wise and other ways lol.

I’ve always wanted to do something HR related and in these past years, I’ve grown in that aspect.

jemima 3
Some time last week. I look so serious. Love eet!!

But I feel stuck. I’m moving neither forward nor backward. It’s a bad place to be.

I’m looking forward to what God has next planned for me.

Uncertainties excite me and new beginnings make me feel amazing.

jemima 5

Here’s to me kicking ass and making things happen!?








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