a declaration or assurance that one will do something or that a particular thing will happen.


People make them every second of the day
They assure you they will be there
They say sweet nothings to you.


The worst you would do is to believe
To build your castles in the air.

end pro

When they make promises
Do not hold on to them
Treat promises like mere words
Attach nothing to them.


Bask in the euphoria of the moment
Because the next moment isn’t certain
They might change.
promise in
People always change
Priorities change.


Keep this in mind
Don’t get carried away with their honey-coated words
They won’t stand by their words
They never do.
When they break their words
Don’t blame yourself
You did nothing wrong.


Lest I forget, forgive.
It would be difficult
But you must forgive
For the healthiness of your mind.


Purge yourself of bitterness
It won’t be easy
It will be no ride in the park
But, you have to do this.


Moving on is difficult
Their words will keep swimming in your head
Everything will remind you of them
Words, thoughts, people, songs, everything
You will miss them, I tell you.
But you have to let go
It’s important
It’s beneficial to you
Albeit lots of tears may be involved.
Finally, let go.
Eventually, you’d be fine
Though I’m not quite certain of that yet
But I’m optimistic
You’ll survive this.


Always remember – God loves you.
Smile, la vie est belle.
life is beautiful
P.S. This may or may not have been motivated by true life events
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