I remember just like yesterday the first time we met.

You wore a wine-coloured face cap, you had your head bent over your drink. I was so nervous, I needed to pee. When I came back, I was shy and I hit you like “hey you”, you knew I was shy even though I never admitted it.

It rained that night and that was the night you learnt ‘Mima is always right.’
You made me unashamed to fall in love. I don’t know how you did it, but you allowed me be true to my emotions and embrace my weaknesses.

With you, I could tear up and not care. This moment I’m laughing, the next, I’m crying all in a bid to win an argument.

The little things you do excite me.

You remember even the faintest detail, including the ones that do not concern you. You’re such a gossip.

I love when you get jealous and you start acting protective, it’s cute.

I love how your eyes dance around and never settle when you’re trying to have a serious conversation or looking at me intensely.

You taught me to be patient. I’m no Job yet, but I’m on my way there.

You taught me to believe in myself.

You taught me to be selfless and a bit more understanding.

You’re sensitive to my feelings and you always put my satisfaction ahead of yours.

When you make me mad while chatting and I’m all ready to explode, you’ll call me and say that name I hate and I’ll forget I was about to burst an artery.

When I got mad at you for keeping me waiting at the bank and I went to that place, it didn’t occur to me that it was where we first met.

I got my drink and was waiting for you (impatiently), and then I remembered you waiting for me there, about the same place I sat.

It dawned on me that it was the perfect goodbye.

The memories we shared and the love we have are all I have left now. I’ll preserve them and cherish them till we create new ones.

To the one I love – health is wealth.

To the one I love – go on, I’m rooting for you.

To the one I love – I’m your number one fan.

To the one I love – I’m your biggest cheerleader.

To the one I love – You’re my best friend.

To the one I love – Do not forget me.  ??
Mima ?

For someone special.


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