Hi! Hi! My last three weekends have been quite filled with weddings and wedding related activities. I have another wedding I want to attend this weekend, not exactly because I’m up to it, but more because I bought a red gown from T.T. Lagos  (instagram – @ttlagos) and I have no idea where to wear it to. Well, I planned to wear it to a Christmas party in December, but I’m not sure I can wait that long. sigh. 

Tobi’s wedding was on the 9th of September and it was strictly by invitation, so I couldn’t go with my gang to eat my aso-ebi money sha. I didn’t plan to do any serious make up, but I spent the night in Kenny’s place and she beat the hell out of my face the next morning. That was my first facebeat and when she was done I really was seeing an entirely different person in the mirror. I got to the venue in time for the traditional wedding and by the time the reception started, I was hungry enough to eat my money’s worth. I ate everything they brought, I turned nothing down except alcohol though. My tailor sort of didn’t get my style well, actually I gave her the materials for the two weddings and she sewed what she liked. After working hard to grow my butt, this woman didn’t make my gowns fitted, people of this world sha! Ahn ahn, after all my hard work. I gave her to “slimfit” them, but they still didn’t turn out the way I wanted. And I paid her plenty money oh, when she said the amount she was collecting, I didn’t even haggle, I paid and yet she decided to do her own thing. I’d have done a post ranting about these Nigerian tailors but Bisola already echoed my thoughts on her site.

A make-up artiste in my area helped with my gele
Just look at how my tailor “deeper lifed” the hell out of the neckline



Tega’s wedding was on the 16th of September. This time around, I did my make up myself because Kenny was still asleep when I was ready. Bukky’s sister, Justina helped with my gele. Grace wanted us to attend the church wedding, but we were quite late, so we decided to go to the reception venue instead. We got there quite early and took loads of pictures downstairs before going up. Tega’s wedding was so special because she has been dating Lamide since 2008 and it’s so amazing to see them walk down the aisle together. What makes it better is that they waited, idk how they did it, but I admire them for that. My favourite part of the wedding was the father-daughter dance. Not only did they dance to Ned Oliver’s Baby Girl (which by the way is my father-daughter dance song), they danced beautifully well. It was so sweet. And oh, I helped her design her wedding website, you can check it and read their beautiful story – Tega and Lamide’s wedding website.







I just collected another aso-ebi I paid for this morning, and boyyy was it beautifully packaged. I love love the material so much and I’m looking forward to the wedding already.

Have a great week ahead. ???



  1. Olubimpe

    Lool. Despite the “deeper lifed” neckline, you still look beautiful. Anticipating your next post

  2. Lol at the neckline. It still looks beautiful though and I would never have guessed anything was wrong if you hadn’t told me. I do understand not liking it since that’s not what you wanted. Tailors can so like to do their own thing sometimes.

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