Hi! I’ve been a tad busy for about a month now. I got a job I wasn’t comfortable with in a position without a career path. Another opportunity came up, and I went for it. Still the same position tho. For a while I asked myself why I was applying for the same position seeing as I knew there was basically no future in it. After a bit of soul searching, I found my answer and it fit into what I already imagined my life being like.

Ldr is err, good? bad? somehow? frustrating? perfect? All of the above actually. It takes the grace of God to stay committed you know. Different time zones stresses one’s soul and the fact that you can’t get angry and show up in front of your SigOth to either beat his ass up or pat his back is so frustrating. But, being in love with the person who loves you as much is so sweet and isn’t worth giving up over about 7, 000 miles distance (this is what I tell myself when all I really want to do is punch his nose and rip his face apart grrrr).

I discovered Wattpad yesterday. Okay, that’s not exactly correct. I knew about it since but I just decided to explore it yesterday and I read an amazing story I hope to talk about soon. This love thing be making me so emotional about everything, I don’t even recognize myself anymore.

I was so close to altering my life to fit into someone’s plans, I was already living someone else’s life, but my common sense got the best of me. I’ve come to learn that all things really work together for good for those who love God. Every disappointment I’ve encountered these past months has turned out to be for my good. Now I’ve come to a place where I truly trust God completely and I don’t fight for things to go my way or the way I think is right (with God oh, only with God). 

Thank God for Grace. My friend, Grace, actually lol. She gave a sensible advice (trust me it’s quite rare) and it turned out to be great and futuristic. I love you Gmoney.

I just finished seeing The wedding party and I’m not sure it’s a movie I’ll see in full again. I love me some Sola Sobowale, typical Yoruba woman lmao. And that beach scene (what is it with me and beach scenes hmmm) when Dozie was trying to win Dunni back did it for me. It was so real, his mannerisms, his voice, everything at that moment. I was planning to go see Okafor’s Law today after work but I’ve been seeing mixed reviews about it online. I’m yet to make my mind up about it though.

Something interesting happened this morning. I was walking to work, it’s a less than 10 minute walk yh, then this car stops beside me. Guyman winds down and starts talking about how I met him the other day and blah blah (never seen him before sha), he asks where I’m headed and I tell him it’s just in front and really, I was like 2 minutes away from my office already. He offers to drop me and I politely decline, he insists and I still say no. Now the part that really irritated me was while he was insisting, he looked at my butt and licked his lips disgustingly (butt that is like a blackboard, b*tch what you licking your lips for? ugh). Why do men have to be like that? What happened to being subtle about your intentions? I was so turned off by that act and I moved on immediately.

I’m currently craving semo and efo riro, but I know I’m having rice for lunch. Why is life so unfair to good people?! *sobs uncontrollably*

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