Hi! I saw a tweet some time last month and it annoyed the hell out of me. Paraphrased, the guy tweeted, “virginity is the best thing a woman can give her husband.” Who told you so sir? I think that is shit and millennials that believe this are shittier. Of all things you can do to improve your life,  its virginity you’re placing importance on. Really?!!

Being a virgin is good, your only sexual partner should be the man you’re married to blah blah, we know all of that. But should that be the focus? Should that be all you have to offer? Does it make you better than the other person? I’m asking because I do not know. Last week we were served tea by Juliana Olayode, this madam that was making noise all over social media – virginity rocks, no sex till marriage, I am a virgin and all of that bs. I never liked the Toyo baby character on Jenifa’s Diary because I saw her as too annoying to put up with and also too perfect (abeg nobody is perfect), then I saw Juliana on IG and saw she was a Jesus Junkie who was always stanning for Jesus. I liked that about her, I liked that she set herself apart for the Lord, but it became extra at some point. That one is her business.

Now after telling us she’s a virgin even though we didn’t ask her (yh, I know the interviewers asked, but if she didn’t rub it in our faces, would they have asked her? nah, because nobody cares about what you do with your body), she has come to confess that she is not. Oh baby girl why put yourself through such stress? Who cares about all of that? I think she got too into that character and wanted people to see her as perfect and what’s not. sigh. See the turmoil you guys put yourself through for people who care less about you.


Does being a virgin make you act better? Does it make you do your job better? Of what importance is it? I really want to know. This isn’t me saying being a virgin is old school, no, I think it’s great. I’m all for sexual purity, and keeping one’s self till marriage. I’m just here to tell you that the world won’t rotate around you because you’re a virgin. Apart from your husband, and maybe your mother, sweetie, no one else cares about it.

  • Voodoo love – Ariana Grande
  • Hello (cover) – Conkarah & Rosie Delmah
  • Roses (cover) – KiDi
  • Pocketful of sunshine – Natasha Bedingfield
  • These words – Natasha Bedingfield

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  1. Yay we can comment. I think her virginity is her business, until she chose to make it ours. And then it wasn’t her business any more so she should deal with the fall back. I like that she came clean though. That must have been hard knowing how we Nigerians van get so I will try not to judge her. If only she hadn’t felt that need to be squeaky clean. I hope she’s learnt her lesson.

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