The first time I heard about Grace was in my 100L days. We wrote a test in BLY 114 and everybody around me got like 2 or less over 20. I got 4 and I was feeling like a genius till we were told someone got 16.

300L. Moyo looking at us like “I want to be their daughter”

You’re right, it was Grace. Fast forward to some months later, our first semester results were out, most of us banged like crazy, then they said someone had a 4 point, I knew it had to be Grace and I was right.

ignore my neck, just look at my ebony queen. mahogany beauty

We didn’t become friends until 300L summer break when a mutual friend used her as his dp and I messaged him to give me her pin – not like I wanted to befriend her or anything (side eye). Grace and I have a lot in common, she gets me and I get her. She’s like the husband I’ll never have. She’s smart, social, diligent, annoying and also very pretty (I’ll deny I said all of these tho).


400L idk what we were talking about here but tbh, this is how we are every time we are together.

Grace introduced me to the loml, and I’m still mad at her for that. ugh. She tells me the truth about things every damn time. When I have a misunderstanding with anyone and I tell her, if I am at fault, madam go talk am. And if anyone hurts me, she is always ready to kill for me (I’m not even exaggerating). She is the sister I wish I had but I’m grateful I do not have (don’t look at me, I can’t explain it either).

steady famzin me 

Grace is a kingdom friend, we pray together, fast together and study the word together. I always knew we were going to end up as friends, I’m not even kidding. I’m the Alice to her Bella, she has her Edward now but I’m still hoping for my Jasper. I can see him in my future already.

eez nur even like I wanted to kiss her sef

I love you Grace and I love how proud you make me every time. I hate you sometimes, but most times, I hate how much I love you.

the bella to my alice

P.S. I’m not a moist person abeg.

P.P.S. I saw Girls Trip last week Thursday and it is an awesome movie. It’s extra funny, please go see it with your girls, please. And oh I met a hunk at the movies that day, I’m hoping he’s single though.


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