It’s a new series on Accelerate TV which I think is owned by Access Bank. Corper Shun is hilariously funny, no jokes. 

I love Joke Oduntan. she is the most amazing human ever, and I absolutely adore her. (she obviously wrote this herself when I was attending to other things, she’s lowks obsessed with me)

It follows the lives of 5 fresh ‘corpers’ with 5 completely different attitudes. Damola Olatunji acts as Alani, I’m not sure of what his exact job description is, but he sha works in the NYSC secretatiat. Seeing Damola Olatunji in an English movie is a bit strange, but the guy is good. Dede (Chiagoziem Nwakanma), sweet sweet Dede from This Is It is Michelle here and my, (oh, my) is she ratchet as hell Lmao. Femi (Efa Iwara) from Rumour Has It is Gbenga and he’s kinda like a nerd. I like this new generation Nollywood actors, I don’t know if it’s by choice or chance, but they’re not stereotyped to a particular role. Versatility is great to see.

The acting doesn’t look forced and everything is as real as anything. Especially the behaviour of the NYSC officials (nasty humans I tell you). Only 2 episodes are out and you can watch them on Accelerate TV’s YT channel. New episodes are released on Thursdays, I’m not sure of the time yet.

You guyysss, I’m almost done with F.R.I.E.N.D.S, idk what to do with my life afterwards. I have just one episode left and I’m so emotional, I don’t want to watch the last episode. I have an idea, instead of watching the final episode, I’ll just start again from season 1.


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