Prayer refers to our communication with God. A place of prayer is not a place of request(s) alone, but also a place where we hear from God. Prayer may seem like a daunting task at times. Sometimes, you don’t just feel like, other times, you’re probably just out of things to say. You know when you pray for something earnestly and you don’t get it? You know when you ask God for a particular want and he says no? Or what about when you sincerely ask for the restoration of a loved one’s health and the person passes away?

At those times, we may begin to feel like God doesn’t really listen to us, sometimes, we even think it’s the enormity of our sins that stood in the way of our prayers getting answered (forgetting that we are the righteousness of Christ and we need to repent from dead works, Hebrews 6:1-3). Well, during such periods, we may begin to see prayer as drudgery.


I love to pray (in my private space), I like to lowkey pride myself as an unrelenting intercessor, so when I talk about prayer feeling like drudgery, I’m not talking from the angle of someone who finds little interest in it. I’m not about to start talking about the importance of having a strong prayer life because I believe you’re quite conversant with that. I’m not in any way an authority on theological matters, but through my personal experiences, I’ve come up with two ways to enjoy a more fulfilling prayer life.

  1. Pray in the Spirit – You know when people tell you they prayed for 1, 6 or even 12 hours yh? Well 70% of the time, they prayed in the Spirit. The Holy Spirit plays the role of our Advocate before the Father (1 John 2:1). When we go weary, when we are too depressed or too cast down by the tides of life’s challenges, the Holy Spirit intercedes for us. He knows our thoughts, he understands us, he makes groanings which cannot be uttered on our behalf (Romans 6:26-27). Also, the Holy Spirit reveals things to us which ordinarily, we would have overlooked, thereby enhancing our prayer lives (1 Corinthians 2:11-13). holy-spirit
  2. Make a conscious effort – God never forces his way into our lives and He’s not about to start doing that anytime soon. When I noticed my prayer life was close to running on empty, I decided to pray every morning and night for at least 1 hour. I started by doing a 3 day fast to motivate me and I’m still trying to keep up with the target I set for myself. We are familiar with 1 Thessalonians 5:17, but how many times do we consciously live up to that verse?  woman-praying-illustration-white-background-33072967
  3. Keep a prayer journal – You’d be surprised at the number of prayer requests you’ve made to God that he answered and you didn’t take note of. Some time ago, I was going through a prayer journal I kept in 2013 and I was really thankful to God because I saw requests I made which I didn’t consider top priority but they still got answered. And oh, I could see I had made considerable progress in my way of praying. I came across a prayer journal sample on a Facebook group and I found it very helpful and decided to adopt the method and I truthfully, I enjoy filling my journal more now.


Praying is fun and you should take advantage of the privilege of having a Father with listening ears. Pray every time, everyday and everywhere.




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