yHi!? Happy new year! In HCC, it’s our year of rest, responsibility, reward and the blessing of the Lord. Beautiful.

I’ve had people tell me I’m too judgmental and I’ve had some label me a hypocrite (I’ve forgiven you people oh). After some time, I took a closer look at myself and realized there was a bit of truth in that. I form opinions of people based on my perception of them and even when I discover they are quite different from my perception, I’m always reluctant to change my opinion of them. Towards the end of last year, I made a conscious effort to stop judging people based on perception, first impressions (I don’t make wonderful first impressions myself) and appearance. Any time I pass Allen Avenue at night, rather than look down on the ladies or see myself as superior, I would always try to put myself in their shoes and think of what would make anyone go as far as selling their body for money. Sometimes, out of the benevolence of my mind, I’d create a backstory for them lol, and that helped me understand their predicament rather than look down on them.


I got talking to a friend of T and I was totally free with him and all, we chatted for some hours and we were totally cool or so I thought. The next day T told me that his friend came to him and told him some really uncool stuff that actually made me cry (you already know I’m a softie), my first instinct was to go and message the boy and give him a piece of my mind but before T told me, he made me promise I would not overreact (ugh, emotional bondage). Anyway, I felt really bad and when we ended the call, I went over the chat to see if I said anything that would make the boy form such unpleasant opinions about me and even have the temerity to share them with my boyfriend. I saw nothing.

The incident made me remember times I had formed such opinions about people that I had never even spoken to and shared them with others. So instead of being totally mad at the guy, I decided to work harder on not making wrong impressions about people. I’ll give people the chance to be who they really are, make their mistakes and own their idiosyncrasies.


Based on my experience(s) with books with lovely covers that turned out to be not-so-lovely, I won’t judge you by your cover….. and I’m asking you not to judge me by mine too.

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