Sadly a lot of people are these days. What do I mean? I was with a friend the other day and we were discussing about what relationships are today. Relationships in the sense of an
intimate relation between a man and a woman.

It all started with (as far as my age permits me), when it would take a man to approach the father or mother of a lady before he takes her out, before we even go as far as talking about him marrying her. Then moved to the guys being more courageous and taking the faster route (jumping the fence) than meeting the parents and then just walking up to the girl (by this time ladies have taken the initiative and found a way to shake off the fatherly protection, giving more access to guys), then leading to guys having little or no respect for the ladies and telling tales of conquered conquests (the ladies). By this time guys are counting scores of their accomplishment. But today, the tables have turned. The ladies have jumped over the chain of evolution and arrived at counting scores. 
My friend was telling me about how he was on a girl’s scoreboard (hey guys, so tell me how does it feel to be just another object of accomplishment?) Just another conquest. I am not saying because the ladies are the ones counting score makes it bad, nah, it has always been bad for both parties. 
Now, we know the slogan “what a man can do, a woman can do better”, well I fear for our future (men to be specific) if this slogan proves true. But what I’m driving at is the point that we should learn to caution what we absorb as individuals into our lives. 
And as for the men who are happy with the present situation of things (the so called f**kboys), ride on. But there is a certain weight that sinks a ship no matter how much it boasts of it’s buoyancy.


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