Ever taken your time and just look at what the world has become today? The little or lack of morality, corruption, decrease in actual literates instead of the opposite, lack of dreams, e.t.c. I could go on but I guess you get where I am heading to, if not, look outside and tell me what oh see.
I recently had a conversation with an engineer who appeared to be in his mid 40s, it went more like an argument to dialogue. He pointed out the fact that the 80s – 90s kids were just the worst, and I sadly had to agree with him. We are responsible for a lot of chaos happening in this times but not all. As a child of the stated era I couldn’t sit back and take the blame for everything. So, I said to him, “who raised us?” There is a adage in yoruba but I’ll be translating it to English, it says “ the insect that eats a leaf is at the bottom of the leaf”

Not one party can take the blame of what today is, the inability of the parents to raise us right and the inability of the youths of today to educate themselves. The parents can’t be totally blamed also, because, they were taught to catch up with what was changing around them at the time and now they have but today requires for us to create and be innovative. How does one who only knew how to imitate teach someone how to innovate.Times are changing, things that motivate one then is not enough to motivate one now. And to crown it up, the government that was in power then is still in power now. How do u expect an old lion to lead a young pride. At the same time you don’t have expect power to be handed onto people whose first thought is where the next party is.

Pointing fingers will lead to nowhere. I am not saying I have the solution to the present dilemma of things but I am saying I’ve had enough of listening to the problems.


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