You know those books you can read a million times and get a new understanding with each read? Who moved my cheese is one of them.


The first time I read this, I was really young, I was probably in my pre-teens. My dad came home from work with a photocopy of the book and gave me and my brother to read. I saw it as just a storybook, so it entertained me as such then.

I read it again about 3/4 years ago and I saw it as a book on time management and crisis management. I learnt how to prepare for unforeseen circumstances and what to do when you find yourself in them.

Last year, I saw Who moved my cheese as a book dealing with change. Change is the only constant thing in life, so says the old adage and you can never go wrong equipping yourself with skills to survive it.

It’s a simple story about two mice and two littlepeople, and it’s an easy read. It’s a bookshelf staple.



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