Last Friday night, Bukky wanted to beat my kid sister because she was rude to her or so. She grabbed a phone charger to do that and paused when she took another look at the charger. It was really white, sparkling white actually, and very clean. I mean, it was so white it would make a ball of snow green with envy. She holds the charger, faces me and says, ‘This charger is fine ooo.’ ‘But it’s not working,’ I lazily reply. “Like a fine girl without brains.” I add. Just incase you don’t know what a bimbo is; I guess I just defined it. You’re welcome! bimbo

No one expects you to be the Madam Curie of the 21st Century, neither does anyone want you to know the details of the BREXIT nor the economics behind Greece’s bad debt crisis. You don’t even have to know about the Battle of Gettysburg, seriously you don’t have to know that the naira was 0.724 against the dollar in 1983 when Buhari took over from Shehu Shagari via a military coup. Really you don’t have to know all of that, but please do not be a bimbo. Do the world a favour.

So being the nice person that I am, I’m going to give out five (5) tested and trusted way to sound like a more intelligent person (perhaps, when you sound like that consistently, then you become it. We can only hope!)

  1. Read more: Read everything you see, magazines, fliers, stickers, newspapers, blogs, just anything and everything. The goal is to be more knowledgeable. It’s so cliché but then, readers are really leaders.
  2. Ask questions: So I was watching an episode of 100 things to do before high school and Crispo had issues with asking questions in class, so his friends had him wrap his right hand in such a way that it looked like his hand was always raised up. In class, the teacher asked if anyone had questions concerning a topic and only Crispo had his hand up, and then the teacher was like ok since they all understood they should explain, and then none of them could. So don’t be shy to ask if you don’t know, be like my friends Tobi and Bukky. Don’t form knowledge when you actually are ignorant. It’s your loss tbh.
  3. Be inquisitive: Always want to know. Let your new favourite word be ‘WHY?’
  4. Be open to learning new things: Whether the conversation is about migrants or climate change, pay little attention at least, that convo may be useful to you in the nearest future. You don’t have to know everything, the idea is to have an idea of everything. Seriously, you don’t have to know the details, just get the gist.
  5. Think before you talk: If it doesn’t make sense to you, chances are, it won’t make sense to any other person. (If you are worrier and you always think everything you say doesn’t make sense, this doesn’t apply to you. lol)



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