I do not know much about politics but still I like to read and learn. I like to get people’s views and options on certain issues. I however find it annoying when people are too partisan or biased whether as a result of religion or tribe to give a level headed opinion.I understand the fact that you need someone to blame and the government should be held accountable because their responsibility is to the people who voted them into office, especially in a country where the leaders are so corrupt and everything seems to be falling apart.What I do not understand however are the silly and downright ridiculous things we can control that we still blame the government for. The gutter in your area is blocked, the water then settles on the road and now the road is bad. Then you blame Ambode and the Lagos State government for negligence forgetting that you and the rest of the people in that community are those that throw plastic bottles, sachets, nylons and different kind things into the gutter. The drainage is blocked and no channel for water to pass then you blame the government. A policeman harasses you and you blame Buhari, network providers are not doing their work you blame Buhari, a private school hired an unqualified teacher and it is still Buhari’s fault, really?

The surprising thing is that people forget that they also have a civic responsibility, imagine market women cheating their customers, parents paying for their children to pass examinations, crossing the road instead of taking the pedestrian bridge, vandalizing public property but that’s story for another day. We should learn to take responsibility for our actions and learn to be accountable before passing out blame.


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